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The PCC's Tuesday Night Bulletin features selected games, commentary, and news from the Tuesday Night tournaments and the Tuesday Night Grand Prix. Copies are distributed to Tuesday Night players and made available for download here.

July 2014

Games Melih Ozbek - Mike Kostyak, Robert Atwell - Henry Doktorski, Sairam Gopal - Edward Dean analyzed. (Editor Melih Ozbek).

Vol. II, No. 3 (at rd. 3 of the Richard Abrams) Games by Dianna Boak (vs. M. Vrabel), Dale Lipinsky (vs. A. Turner), Greg Galanter (vs. V. Prokhov), and the deciding game of the Byland Memorial between Adonis Turner and Daniel Malkiel. With news about the 2009 Grand Prix.

December 2015 En Passant is out, first time in color! Find out about the upcoming GM Alexander Shabalov simul on February 6, 2016! Expert Melih Ozbek is also giving a simul on January 30.

Check out Steve O'Connor's article about Emanuel Lasker, a book review by Paul Lucarelli, a detailed fun game analysis of the critical game Ozbek - Chen from the last Tuesday night tournament written by Franklin Chen, a Statistical Study of School Grade as Predictor of Official USCF Chess Rating by the editor John Barroso, Child Star Maxim Yaskolko, Endgame Studies by Bob C. Atwell and more!

Vol. II, No. 5
(rds. 1-5 of the William Byland)
Standings and prospects for the last round, games by the leader D. Malkiel and others.

Vol. II, No. 4
(rds. 5-6 of the PCC ch.)
Final standings, opening report, Grand Prix report, and annotated games including the deciding game between Finn Overlie and Daniel Gordon.

Vol. II, No. 3
(rds. 3-4 of the PCC ch.)
Openings, overview, and selected games by Peter Jansen (vs. V. Prokhov), Adonis Turner (vs. K. Mo) and Finn Overlie (vs. A. Turner).

Vol. II, No. 2
(rd. 2 of the PCC ch.)
Openings and upsets (V. Prokhov vs. D. Gordon, F. Garcia vs. G. Galanter, and M. Holsinger vs. G. Rinehardt, draw).

Vol. II, No. 1
(rd. 1 of the PCC ch.)
Openings and upset draws (F. Garcia-J. Szurek and J. Schragin-G. Galanter).

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